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Baza danych w chmurze i szyfrowane połączenie

Cloud database and
a secure connection

What is a cloud database and what happens if I lose my phone

eFaktura is an online system – it’s stable because of the Internet and a network of servers that store and secure data. It means that we can always carry on – independently of all the devices you’re using – so don’t worry about hard drive or phone memory failure.

The connection between your device and our servers works exactly like a mobile bank app. No one can see the data you’re entering regardless of your location – at home, on a construction site, using a hotel Wi-Fi – you’re always safe.

You’re also the only person that gets full access to your account.

Backup data

Internet connection failure? Where are my invoices currently being stored?

The eFaktura system files are securely stored simultaneously in two locations to exclude the risk of data loss. We use the servers which guarantee the highest stability. This means that your invoices will always be safe regardless of the time of day. 

The backup files are updated automatically in real time so in case of an emergency we always have access to the system state from the previous 5 minutes.

Polityka bezpieczeństwa

Security Policy

Can my data fall into the wrong hands?

Your data is being used only for contact, problem solving and bookkeeping. eFaktura does not sell their clients databases to any other parties.

Our employees are obliged to non-disclosure rules in order to protect your confidential business information.

We will keep your data safe for 10 years (most tax revenues oblige entrepreneurs to archive their accounting documents for 7, maximum 10 years). It’s always there, at your disposal in one place.

If for some reason, however, you would like to delete your data, we can do it for you.

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