You enter data into the database, using it every time.

Add clients, products, and services, translate their names with the eFakturAI virtual assistant.

Dodawanie klientów, produkty i usługi do bazy


Here is your business!

All the elements needed for efficient document creation are in the database.

Tworzenie faktur

Create invoices from ready-made elements

Just enter the data once, and you can always use them – minimizing the time it takes to create documents. And you avoid typos and the tedious filling out of forms in the program.

Wygodne zarządzanie cenami

Conveniently manage your price list

In the database of products and services, fill in the prices to have full control over the company’s offer. When issuing an invoice, use a product from the database, and the unit price field will fill in automatically.


Building a database can be simple.

Discover the functions that will streamline your work.

Baza klientów z Holandii

Client database

Add a client once to always have their data on hand and speed up document creation.

Download data from the KvK database for clients from the Netherlands and the KBO database for clients from Belgium. Provide the company name, and the rest of the data will fill in automatically.

Baza produktów i usług

Product and service database

Use the eFakturAI virtual assistant and translate the name of your product or service into the client’s language.

Add a product to the database with one click. Easily build a database to create documents even faster in

A foreign language is not an obstacle with the eFakturAI virtual assistant

Wirtualny asystent AI is the only invoicing program with an AI virtual assistant that translates the names of your products and services. Sanding walls, plastering a building facade, moving transport? Translate your service into the client’s language on the fly, while entering data.

Building a product database, use the magical power of the eFakturAI virtual assistant. Type the product name and use asterisks for translation.