Hitting the road? Calculate mileage.

See how easy it can be and save your first route.

Registering mileage integrated with Google Maps

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The geolocation feature helps to automatically enlist the starting point

Why is keeping mileage records beneficial to you?


Mobility costs money

To register your traveling expenses you need to create a mileage record meeting the tax office criteria. 

Only flawless mileage records can get you the tax relief you need.



Adding your travels systematically is the simplest method to avoid paying the Dutch Bijtelling.

You not only fulfill your commitments to the state but also track your private mileage.


A client out of your way?

A perfect mileage record can serve you as an argument in final price negotiations.

The more you know the better you manage your prices.

Count your driving hours

Mileage and taxes

There are certain regulations imposed by the tax office regarding the use of your company vehicle.
If you are able to meet those requirements you can greatly reduce the costs of running your company.

Kilometrówka a podatki

Here’s the info you need to include in your mileage log:

  • Make and model of your car
  • Registration numbers
  • Meter status – at the beginning and end of the route
  • Travel info – start and destination point
  • Type of your trip – private or business
  • Additional information in case of route change due to e.g. detours


Get to know the tax guidelines for mileage record in Netherlands

More about the general rules for a mileage log.

The Mileage log in efaktura makes everything plain and simple.

Saving yours has never been easier.

Google Maps

Google Maps

The mileage log is integrated with Google Maps, which tracks your kilometers automatically. You just need to type in the exact destination address.



The Geolocation feature automatically enlists the beginning or end of your route.
After reaching your destination just save the whole route with one click. It’s that easy!

Keeping a mileage log – How it works?