Every hour of your work counts

Working hours are essential for payment settlements.

Keep a log of your working hours – quick and simple

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Make invoices from your timesheets

Why is registering your working hours so important?

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Work time and taxes

Some tax reliefs are connected with working time.
To receive them you have to show that you’ ve worked for your company for a certain number of hours, precisely at least 1225 hours per year.

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Invoicing for hourly work

Preparing an invoice for hours worked?
A clear and simple timesheet is essential for proper valuation of your services.


Take full control over your working time!

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Have you kept your work time register up to date?

Then you have everything you need to issue your invoice.
Your timesheet will be attached automatically while sending the invoice.

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Add work time

fill in the project and client data

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Send your timesheet

to get clients acceptance

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Create the invoice with just one click

based on the previously accepted timesheet

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