Changes in payments

02/11/2023 2 min System Eng
Payments methods

We are pleased to inform you that from now on has a new payment operator.

Welcome to Mollie! 

What does this change mean for you?

1. You can manage your program payments yourself:

  • use new payment methods,
  • change your bank account number.

2.  Invoices for the program are available inside the program.

Invoices for the program / Methods of payment / Change of bank number


Program invoices are always at hand.*

From now on, each subsequent invoice for using the system will be available in the program, in the tab SETTINGS > SUBSCRIPTION and INVOICES > SUBSCRIPTION INVOICES

In addition, as so far, you will also receive an invoice in a separate email.

* For invoices for the program to appear in the program, you must switch to Mollie, i.e. make any transaction. For example by changing the payment method or bank account number.


Want to change your bank account number?

The account number to which the client pays an invoice from you and the account number from which you pay for the system do not have to be the same.

From now on, you can manage these account numbers yourself.

Go to the SETTINGS tab. In the SUBSCRIPTION AND INVOICES section, select CREDIT / DEBIT CARD and enter the account number from which the fee for the program is to be charged.
In the SETTINGS > INVOICE SETTINGS section, enter the account number that should appear on invoices for your customers.

metody płatności

Change of payment method.

From now on, you can change the payment method at any time in the SETTINGS > SUBSCRIPTION and INVOICES > PAYMENT METHOD tab

You can choose from one of four options:

  1. Credit/debit card
  2. iDeal
  3. Bancontact
  4. Apple Pay (via Safari)

An important and good change for users is the possibility of convenient payments via a debit card.

An administration fee of €0.79+BTW will be charged to your account for each bank account number change and payment method change.

Expect more!

The changes we have introduced are a response to frequent requests from users of the program, but this is not the end of the good news! We will get back to you soon with more news.