Edit the email content

02/11/2023 < 1 min System Eng

Would you like to add something from yourself?

Edit the content of the system email.

When sending documents straight from the system (invoices, offers, hourly statements), the automatic content of the system e-mail, in your client’s language, is attached to the file.
From now on, you can freely change the content of the email to the client!

When can changing the content of an email be useful to you?

  • When you want to make individual arrangements with the client, for example regarding the price of the service.
  • When you want to emphasise the value of the discount you have given.
  • When, due to a previously paid advance payment, you had to change the amount on the invoice.
  • In every other case, when you want to add information from yourself.

Have you changed the assignment? Use the “Restore Default Content” option.

The change applies to the invoicing, bidding and hourly functions for subscriptions in the PRO package.