eFakturAI breaks down language barriers for entrepreneurs

2 min Press release
notatka prasowa

Netherlands, February 23, 2024
eFaktura.nl, the most frequently chosen administration app by entrepreneurs abroad, has announced the introduction of an innovation based on artificial intelligence technology. The eFakturaAI virtual assistant breaks down language barriers, enabling convenient translation of content needed for issuing invoices and quotes within the program.

eFaktura.nl users can enter data in their native language and use eFakturaAI to automatically translate it into the client’s language. This allows everyone to freely communicate and issue invoices in a way that is understandable to their business partners, regardless of the language.

“We are very excited about the introduction of eFakturaAI, which represents another step towards fulfilling our mission to support entrepreneurship across borders,”

said Marketing Director Marysia Dąbrowska.

This innovation is one of many steps that eFaktura.nl is taking towards utilizing artificial intelligence to facilitate business processes for entrepreneurs. The company plans to continue developing and introducing AI in further functions to make using the app even more efficient and user-friendly.

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eFaktura.nl is the most frequently chosen administration app by entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. The program is used by over 20,000 companies. eFaktura.nl specializes in eliminating language and technological barriers, providing a simple, easy-to-use invoice issuance system for clients of various nationalities. To date, the program is available in eight language versions.