eFakturAI for in-app translations

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virtual assistant

Use stars to discover the magic of artificial intelligence.

We were the first to introduce AI technology in the invoicing application, allowing entrepreneurs to use the program with the freedom of their native language.

From now on, you enter all data in the app in your language, and eFakturAI translates the content into your client’s language.

Where in the program will the virtual assistant help you?

In these places in the application, use the help of eFakturAI:

  1. Product/service description when creating an invoice and offer.
  2. The “notes” field on invoices and offers.
  3. Description of work in the TIMESHEET.
  4. Name of products and services in the PRODUCTS tab.
  5. Notes to the route in the MILEAGE.

The eFakturAI virtual assistant translates content into the language you have selected for the invoice.