Product and service database in

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We are introducing a new feature – a product database and a revolutionary innovation based on AI technology available to all users.


Check out the new PRODUCTS tab.

In the product and service database, fill in the prices to have full control over your company’s offer. When issuing an invoice, use a product from the database, and the unit price field will fill in automatically.

Use stars to discover the magic of eFakturAI.

Imagine having a virtual assistant who uses artificial intelligence to translate into the client’s language what you previously had to translate yourself.

The eFakturAI virtual assistant is a real breakthrough in running a business abroad.

We are the first to introduce AI technology in the invoicing application – new possibilities await you! You will learn more about eFakturaAI soon!

Add to the database once, use it with every invoice.

  1. Enter the name of the product or service in your language.
  2. Choose the AI stars symbol for translation. Accept or amend the translation.
  3. Fill in the price, unit, and VAT rate and SAVE the product in the database. The translated VAT is available when issuing an invoice.

Everything at hand – no need for searching translations and no room for mistakes.

Just enter the data once, and you will be able to use it always – significantly reducing the time to create correct documents.

Issue an invoice with ready-made elements

From now on in, you have not only a client base but also ready-to-use products. Just specify the quantity and select the translated VAT in case of a transaction with a construction company, and that’s it – the invoice is ready!