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04/12/2023 < 1 min System Eng
save with eFaktura

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Now, by recommending the program to other entrepreneurs, you gain!

How does the “Save with” program work?

Log into your account. In the main menu, you’ll find the icon of a new tab.

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Send the invitation in a simple way.

In the SAVE WITH EFAKTURA.NL tab, you’ll find a QR code and a link to register an account for your friend – share it however you like.

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Your friend creates an account and tests the program.

If they stay with and purchase a subscription within 30 free days, a bonus activates on your account – 30 DAYS FOR FREE.

save with efaktura

Here, everyone gains!

In the next billing period, we will not charge your account. Your friend will get a 50% DISCOUNT FOR HALF A YEAR on a selected package in

Do you like to save? We’ll multiply your discounts!

Recommend the program to many friends to collect additional free months. In the SAVE WITH EFAKTURA.NL tab, you can track the status of your invitations and discounts.

The “SAVE WITH EFAKTURA.NL” program is only for active users.