Your invoices with EPC QR code

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epc qr

We’ve added the EPC QR code to invoices to simplify payments for your clients.

The EPC QR code (European Payments Council Quick Response) is a standard developed to streamline banking transactions. From now on, when issuing any invoice in, the EPC QR code is automatically added to the PDF document.

How does the EPC QR code work?

The code contains all the necessary details for making a transfer – account number, amount, payment title, and other information.

All your client needs to do is scan this code from the invoice using their banking app, and all the transfer details will be automatically sent to the bank – without the need to manually enter data.

This feature is available in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, although not all banks yet support the EPC QR standard.

Learn more about EPC QR.

Is using the EPC QR code safe?
Yes, using the EPC QR code is completely safe. The EPC QR standard was developed with transaction security in mind and is supported by European financial institutions.

Can I edit the data in the EPC QR code?
No, the data contained in the EPC QR code is automatically generated based on the invoice information and cannot be edited by the user. This ensures the accuracy and security of transactions.

What should I do if my client cannot scan the EPC QR code?
If a client encounters a problem with scanning the EPC QR code, we recommend checking if the banking app used by the client supports QR code scanning. Alternatively, the payment can be made traditionally, using the transfer data available on the invoice.

What are the main benefits of using the EPC QR code?
The main benefits include time savings due to faster payments, elimination of errors when entering payment data, and greater convenience for both parties of the transaction.