Add an attachment to the invoice and the quote.

12/12/2023 < 1 min System Eng

ADD AN ATTACHMENT when sending a quote and invoice to a customer.

Do you want to supplement the offer with additional information? Do you want to add a list of hours worked to the invoice for the customer?

Add an attachment in!

When will the ADD ATTACHMENT feature be useful to you?

In the case of a QUOTE, you can attach, for example:

  • terms of cooperation or a contract,
  • a calculation of material costs,
  • a technical drawing of the building related to the order,
  • photos of completed projects to further encourage taking advantage of the offer.

In the case of an INVOICE, use an attachment when:

  • you want to send a client a list of work hours,
  • you want to settle the costs of travel to the job,
  • to show receipts for purchases needed to complete the project.

The feature is available for PRO package users.