Gross – net calculator

What’s VAT tax – VAT (value added tax)?

VAT (value added tax)  is a tax on the amount by which the value of an article has been increased at each stage of its production or distribution.

The government of each country regulates its own VAT rates e.g. in Holland (BTW), Belgium (BTW), France (TVA) and Germany (USt).

You are obliged to pay the VAT tax according to the location of your company.

Who can benefit from our gross-net calculator?

Are you running your own business? When setting the price of your goods or services you also need to take the VAT rate into consideration.

Knowing the VAT rates will help you avoid any mistakes. Calculate the gross and net value, to establish a suitable price for your client. For your convenience the calculator works both ways.

The calculator provides you with gross –net amount calculations for VAT rates in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Poland.

How to estimate VAT tax in our calculator?

Fill in the value and choose the tax rate – the calculator will do the rest.

  • Set gross or net amount
  • Choose VAT rate
  • Calculate

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eFaktura software
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