ZZP income calculator for Netherlands

What is your income exactly? How much can you earn as a ZZP’er?

Unfortunately,  the total invoice amount and your actual income are two different things. You need to subtract a number of various taxes or other costs from it, to calculate how much money exactly stays in your pocket.

How much can you earn as a ZZP’er? Estimate your earnings.

Our unique calculator gives you the ability to figure out how much money exactly can you earn in Netherlands running a one man business – the ZZP

Running a company in Netherlands? Planning to start one? This calculator helps forecast your true income.


How can you use the ZZP income calculator? 

Fill in the form giving information regarding taxes, expected income and calculate your earnings.

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If you’re an entrepreneur you need to include the VAT rate while setting the price for your goods or services


Got a business? Check how much you can save by calculating all tax deductible costs.


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