Good cooperation with an accountant in the Netherlands

04/04/2024 3 min Administration / Business in the Netherlands / Taxes

Starting a business in the Netherlands presents a significant challenge due to the complex laws and language barrier. Having a reliable accountant by your side is not just beneficial; it’s essential.

Whether your accountant is male or female often doesn’t matter, as the profession is diverse. What’s paramount is finding someone trustworthy, who might even be Dutch, to help navigate through the intricate Dutch tax laws.

The rise of expat-owned businesses, especially in the construction sector, is notable in the Netherlands. Expats tend to opt for self-employment, known as ZZP, due to its tax advantages and simplicity. However, managing it solo isn’t advisable.

When should you look for an accountant?

Ideally, before you even start your business. While setting up a business in the Netherlands is straightforward, having an accountant’s insight from the get-go can save you from future headaches. They can offer advice on the most beneficial business structure for maximizing tax benefits.

For more detailed guidance on running a business in the Netherland check HERE.

There might also be a point when you seek out a new accountant, perhaps in search of better communication or more efficient services. Remember, accounting is a service, and you have the full right to choose who provides this service for you and how they do it.

How do you choose the right accountant?

Anyone in the Netherlands can offer accounting services, but finding someone with the right skills is crucial.

Recommendations from other can be a valuable resource in your search.

Your own recommendations can also guide others – CHECK IT.
First impressions are important when meeting with a potential accountant. A competent professional will not only review your documents carefully but will also offer insights on saving on taxes and improving your financial health.
Communication with your accountant should be seamless; they should be responsive to your calls and emails. An efficient accountant might suggest using modern tools like for smoother management of your financial affairs.

Managing invoices, tracking expenses, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations can be daunting. Tools like are designed to simplify these tasks, making the financial side of running a business much more manageable.

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Accounting doesn’t have to be a hassle.

With the right tools and a dependable accountant who can access your financial documents through platforms like, you can ensure accuracy and compliance without the constant back-and-forth. Mistakes on invoices or the need for adjustments shouldn’t be a source of stress. Your accountant can handle corrections and communicate directly with your clients if necessary, all within the system.

Ultimately, you control the level of access and responsibility your accountant has within your financial management tools. This collaboration ensures that everything needed for tax filings and financial planning is in one place, simplifying the process for both you and your accountant.

A good accountant will proactively manage your financial documents and keep you informed of any news from the tax office or opportunities to optimize your tax situation. Being a priority for your accountant means that your financial health is always their top concern.