Practical Glossary for ZZP

03/11/2023 6 min Administration / Business in the Netherlands / Living abroad

Whether you’re just starting out as ZZP’er or you’ve been running your business in the Netherlands for years, Dutch can be challenging, especially when it comes to administrative vocabulary.

We like to make difficult things simple, so we have prepared a practical glossary for ZZP – compilation of basic words and phrases in Dutch that will be useful for every entrepreneur on Dutch soil.

Aangifte inkomstenbelasting – Income Tax Return

The word “aangifte” acquires a special meaning in the area of quarterly settlements. This is the moment of the year (four times to be exact, because you submit the BTW declaration every quarter), when your accountant prepares your BTW aangifte, i.e. a VAT declaration based on invoices, cost documents and bank statements from your company account issued by you.

Belastingdienst – Dutch Tax Office

BTW a.k.a Belasting Toegevoegde Waarde
The Dutch equivalent of VAT.

Betalen – Pay

Marketing as a trade lever, “2 halen and 1 betalen””(English: “take two, pay for one”) is a popular Dutch promotional slogan.

Bon – Receipt

Boekhouder – Accountant

A good accountant is like a guardian angel for the administration of your company. To have even better insight into your accounting, connect with him in eFaktura.

Bijtelling – Additional Tax Liability

Do you use a company car for private routes longer than 500 km a year? You have to pay “Bijtelling”! Learn more HERE.

Circa, ongeveer – more or less, estimate by eye

Useful at work and not only a “international system of measures and weights”.

Credit nota – Credit Note or Advice of Entry

When should you issue a credit note? Whenever:

  • The taxable value has changed (i.e. the price or quantity of the subject of sale has changed),
  • Goods have been returned or the service has been canceled in whole or in part.

If, for example, a typo in the name of the client’s company previously appeared on the invoice, it is enough to edit it. Remember that when issuing a credit note, you must always indicate the reason for the correction.

Debiteur – Debtor

Is your client late with the payment? Before you lose your temper, first send him a reminder from the invoicing system. It is possible that he has simply forgotten about your invoice, or has already settled the payment and the money is on its way to your account.

Duurzaam – Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

It turns out that you can have one short word in Dutch for such an important issue – duurzaam.

Financiering – Financing

Fraude – Fraud

It’s best not to learn the practice of this word yourself. “Fraude” refers to embezzlement, extorting money by providing false information.

Excel – Excel

Excel can be your friend or enemy – it depends what you use it for.
Trust us that so far a better invoicing tool has been invented! Entering all the data right away can cause you trouble, because no one is infallible.
However, for some administrative tasks, such as an Invoice Statement (including all data) it can be very useful. And as of recently you can download such a list in eFaktura.

Goede morgen – Good morning!

And when it comes to a good day, it may include:

Heitje voor een karweitje – a chore for small compensation

The expression “Heitje voor een karweitje” alludes to the practice of teaching children the importance of work early on. That is why, in Dutch homes, children from an early age carry out small “chores” for which they receive a reward from their parents.

He he – Finally!

Favorite expression of the impatient.

Ho ho – Wait, not so fast!

It is good to know the Dutch meaning, so you don’t get confused by the fact that ho ho, in Dutch, isn’t an expression of appreciation or a call from of Santa Claus.

IB Inkomen Belasting – Income declaration submitted to the Tax Office

IBAN – the international standard for bank account numbering

Your IBAN number consists of a total of 28 characters: two letters in front (from the name of the country, e.g. NL) followed by 26 digits of your bank account number.

Jaarrekening – Annual Settlements

In the Dutch accounting system you do not settle income tax on the basis of monthly tax advances, but once a year.

Jammer – a pity, unfortunately

KVK Kamer van Koophandel – Dutch Chamber of Commerce

Kilometer registratie – Registration of Kilometers

By honestly recording the routes you travelled, you can save a large amount on the settlement of kilometers. You will increase your regularity using a convenient tool, which is the KILOMETER tool in eFaktura.

Korting – Discount

Who doensn’t like a discount? Now you can also give “korting” to your customers in eFaktura!

Leuk – fun, nice

Leuk can have a number of explanations. The weather can be “leuk”, work can be “leuk”. In the Netherlands, “leuk” is heard at every corner! “Dat is leuk, erg leuk” (This is nice, very nice)!

Marge – margin

Opdrachtgever and Opdrachtnemer – Client and Contractor

Ondernemer – Entrepreneur

Offerte – Quotation

The role of the quotation, in the sales process, is often underestimated. Did you know that the formal presentation of the offer, and its acceptance by the client, protect your interests legally in the event of a dispute? And when creating an offer in eFaktura, you are one CLICK away from making it an invoice! Read more HERE.

Pensioen – Retirement

Ritten en Reiskosten – Rides and Travel Expenses

Statistieken – Statistics

You can analyze your company’s statistics on a regular basis with a good invoicing system.

Spookfacturen – Ghost Invoices

Unfortunately, Spookfacturen is a fairly frequent fraud in the Netherlands. A ghost invoice is issued for a service that was not there with the hope that the company will not find out and make the payment.

Te koop – For Sale

Toeslag – social allowance

The Netherlands is a friendly country, which can be seen, in the entire system of government allowances. If you meet the relevant criteria, you can count access to health insurance, housing or care allowance.

Uurtje factuurtje – hourly bill or hourly invoice

Hourly billing is a very common practice in the Netherlands, especially in the construction industry. Do you settle accounts with the client on the basis of “uurtje factuurje”? Register working times in the TIME REGISTRATION tool of eFakuta to improve your work flow.

Urenregistratie – Timesheets

Used less and less, especially in large workplaces.

Uitgaven – Company Expenses

Controlling corporate expenses is a key issue in the financial success of your business.

Vrijstelling – Vacation

Veilig – Secure

Vakwerk – Professional Work

Would you call your standard of work this? If so, congratulations, because you are a vakman, that is, a professional.

Werkbriefje – Hourly work on paper

That is, working time settlement on paper. This practice is becoming a thing of the past.

Werk aan de winkel – A lot of work still to be done

Popular phrase meaning you have to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

ZZP’er zelfstandige zonder personeel – A self-employed person

Fortunately, the Dutch government’s policy supports independence in the labor market, which is why being a ZZP’er is so popular and brings significant benefits. In addition to a transparent and favorable tax system, you can decide on the development of your company yourself.

Are you a ZZP? You are the boss!

The longer you live and work in the Netherlands, the better you will get used to the language and yor own glossary for ZZP is more and more comprehensive. What once sounded foreign becomes familiar and maybe even habitual. No matter how difficult or simple Dutch is for you, you can use the convenient and entrepreneur-friendly system for company administration. Remember that with eFakura you have everything you, and your company, need.